Your Refrigerator – 5 Tips on Keeping it Low Maintenance while Keeping it Organized
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A Celebration of the Unofficial Start of the Summer…May 2-4: What’s Open, What’s Not, What to Do!
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7 Mother’s Day Gifts You Probably Never Thought About Getting but are Gifts She’ll Love!
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3 ways to help you maximize your dental coverage
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What do you do on a Cloudy Day with Kids? Make Chocolately Cheesecake using the InstantPot
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To Take or Not To Take…The Controversy Over Taking Antibiotics Prior to Dental Treatment
Updated Antibiotic Prophylaxis Guidelines Prior to Dental Treatment Infective Endocarditis The Canadian Dental Association supports the American Heart Association’s (AHA)[...]
Lasagna Pie
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Did You Know that Oral Cancer is One of the Most Prevalent Cancers Worldwide?
April is Oral Cancer Month!!!Oral cancer is an abnormal growth and spread of cells occurring in the oral cavity which[...]
Why A Cleaning Isn’t Just A Cleaning: 5 Things About Your Dental Hygiene Visit You May Not Know About
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My Invisalign Journey
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Adjunctive Therapy to your Regular Hygiene Appointment
Oral or pocket irrigation is a procedure that is done on patients that has deep periodontal pockets of 5 mm[...]
Top 5 things You’re Missing When You Are Missing Teeth
Healthy teeth. A missing tooth can cause the teeth around the space to shift and in turn open up larger[...]
Eat Right Challenge – 66 Days to Eat Clean so we can Stay Clean
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Pink Shirt Day
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Improving Your Patient Experience by Improving Our Techniques!
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Treasure Fold
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Don’t Sugar Coat it! The truth about Diabetes and your Oral Health
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When should you start bringing your infant to the dentist?
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Happy New Year 2018
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Don’t Let Tooth Sensitivity Affect Your Quality of Life!
Over half of the population is living with undiagnosed dentinal hypersensitivity or tooth sensitivity.  Do you know if you are[...]
Ensuring your smile is merry & bright for this holiday season!
With all the upcoming holiday events here is one sure way to light up the room! Our office provides SpadentWhitening[...]
Holiday Season is just around the corner!
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Kids FREE Annual Christmas Event
Santa Floss is Coming to Town and his elves are preparing for his arrival! Come and join us for our[...]
Waking Up Tired? Your Dentist Can Help
What is Sleep Apnea?Sleep apnea is a common medical condition in which you have one or more pauses in breathing[...]
Donation Location for The Compass and The Mississauga Food Bank
We are working together with the Port Credit BIA, The Compass and The Mississauga Food Bank to give a LITTLE[...]
Your toothbrush
Your toothbrush is your toothbrush - don't share it. If you use an electric toothbrush get separate brushing heads for[...]
Crock-pot Chili Dinner
Now as the weather gets colder and the days are shorter, we need to make every second count. As working[...]
Lest We Forget
The 11th month, the 11th day, the 11th hour marks Remembrance Day for Canada, originally call Armistice Day where we[...]
Mouth Cancer Action Month
It's hard to believe that fall is almost over and winter is coming. While there's a bit more time before[...]
Credit River Dental Centre’s First Annual Hallowe’en Party
This past Hallowe'en we held our First Annual Credit River Dental Centre Hallowe'en Party for our patients and anyone else[...]
Dry mouth can cause difficulties in speaking, swallowing, chewing and tasting food.  The condition can make dentures less stable in[...]
Eat, Drink and Be Scary! Come To Our Annual Hallowe’en Party
Credit River Dental Centre would like to welcome you and your children to a Halloween Party on Tuesday, October 31st[...]
Aiming for a Cavity Free-Future!
TODAY IS WORLD CAVITY-FREE FUTURE DAY! All around the world, the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future (ACFF) has come together[...]
Top 3 things to do to scare away those Sugar Bugs!!
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Good bye, Summer… Hello, Autumn
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Morning Breath or Something More Serious?
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Brushing: Your Best Defence Against Plaque
"Brush your teeth... round and round" we all remember the song. It's amazing, though, how many people still use improper[...]
Make Sure your Kids have their Routine Dental Appointment before Back to School
We often get caught up in preparing our children's accessories such as their backpack, pencils, binders, lunchbags, etc.. But we[...]