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Battle of the Flossers: Traditional String vs. Water Flossing

Flossing is an integral component to any great oral hygiene routine. If you are brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day, you are on the right track to maintaining healthy gums, stronger teeth, and a brighter smile! It is recommended that we floss at least once a day because it is able to clean 40% of tooth surfaces that our toothbrushes alone are not able to reach. As important as flossing is, only 31% of people are actually flossing every day. We all know we should be doing it, however what exactly is stopping us from reaching for our floss? Some people may have a hard time getting floss in between tight spaces or underneath dental work; some people have limited hand dexterity and are not able to get the floss all the way to their back molars; and others just find it way too time consuming and would rather just head straight to bed. If you have a hard time reaching for your traditional string floss, than water flossers may be a great aid to consider adding in to your oral hygiene regime. As we breakdown the battle between traditional string floss and water flossers, we hope that you will be able answer any questions that you may have had and also encourage you to ask which aid is more suitable for your needs at your next dental visit! As your Mississauga family dentist, we make it our duty to help you in every step of the way in order to achieve your optimal oral health.

The Tried-and-True: Traditional String Floss

Dental floss is a soft thread or string of silk or similar material used to clean your teeth. When it comes to regular string floss, you do have a few different options to choose from. For example, there’s waxed floss, which has a light coating of wax that makes it more durable, and there’s unwaxed floss that makes it easy to clean tight spaces between teeth. There is dental tape, which is flatter and broader to provide comfort to those who have more space in between their teeth, and there’s polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) floss, which is less prone to shredding and can easily slide between tighter spaces.

Pros of Flossing:

  • Flossing is a very efficient way to remove excess food and debris from your teeth
  • Floss is inexpensive, convenient, and easily accessible
  • It is quick and easy – you can do it almost anywhere
  • Reduces the risk of gingivitis and gum disease

Cons of Flossing:

  • It is difficult for floss to reach some areas of the mouth
  • It can cause minor bleeding if it isn’t done properly
  • Some people have a hard time getting the hang of it

Technology Takeover: Water Flossers

A water flosser is a specialized device that shoots a thin stream of water. When aimed between your teeth or at the gum line, it uses the pressure of the water to massage the gums and push the food away from the teeth. Clinical studies show that using a water flosser results in a penetration of 50% of the depth of the pocket, about two times as far as can be reached with dental floss.

Pros of Water Flossers:

  • Easy to use, especially for those with braces or other types of dental work (such as bridges, implants and fixed retainers)
  • Great choice for those with arthritis or limited dexterity
  • The massaging action can improve gum health and reach areas where traditional floss can’t

Cons of Water Flossers:

  • More expensive
  • Takes up storage space on your bathroom counter and requires electricity and water
  • Difficult to use outside your home

And The Winner Is…

Actually, we recommend a combination of both! Water flossers are extremely effective, however they are still not a complete replacement for traditional floss. Although it is definitely better than not flossing at all, flossing is definitely still important because it removes bacteria colonies from teeth and gums, whereas water flossers simply rinse these areas. Ideally, people should be using both by starting off with string floss to help loosen up the plaque and food particles, and then following up with the water flosser to help flush them all away.

Which Is Best for You?

We hope this guide has given you some insight on the advantages and disadvantages of the types of flossing tools available. If you still have any questions, please give us a call or visit our office at Credit River Dental Centre and we will help you in assessing the best way and most effective way to care for your teeth and gums at home!

The Benefit of Plant-Based Foods to your Oral Health!

It’s very hard these days not to notice that more and more of your favorite restaurants are offering plant-based options. Pizza, burgers, even taco establishments are all getting in on the plant based craze. Hollywood is getting in on the action with a soon to be released movie produced by some of the biggest names in a film about former lifelong meat eaters, moving towards plant based diets and finding huge improvements in their physical health.

But what about your oral health? What kind of impact does a vegetarian diet have on your oral health? In addition to brushing and flossing, food plays a very key role in keeping your teeth strong and healthy. We often think about the negative impact certain foods can have but there are a number of foods that can improve our oral health.

From an oral health standpoint, foods can have not only an effect on the teeth but also the oral soft tissues including protection against oral cancer. According to the latest review in the journal of the American Dental Association, “Evidence supports a recommendation of a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables as part of a whole-foods, plant-based diet.” The foods found most protective include raw and green/leafy vegetables, tomatoes, citrus, and carrots.

While most people are aware that excess sugars can contribute to tooth decay, we also know that there are certain plant-based foods which can actually not only clean the surface of your teeth, but reduce bacteria as well. The following are just some of the foods that can improve your oral health.

Cucumbers contain dietary fiber which helps to clean teeth and gums. The natural water content found in cucumbers help to enhance the production of saliva.

Although parsley has traditionally been used as a garnish, you may want to consider consuming it along with the rest of your meal as parsley is antimicrobial and contains a chemical called eugenol, which not only improves breath odor but also has antiseptic qualities.

Strawberries contain a chemical called malic acid which actually has subtle whitening properties to help break down stains and brighten your smile! Because of the natural sugars and tiny seeds which may get stuck in your teeth, it’s a good idea to give your teeth a quick rinse with water after eating them

Shitake Mushrooms
Shitake mushrooms contain a chemical called lentinan, which helps to not only limit bacterial growth inside the mouth but also prevent gingivitis.

People often associate onions with being the cause of bad breath, but onions actually help prevent tooth decay. Their natural sulfur chemicals, which give onions their distinctive smell also help fight cavities!

Carrots contain keratin which reinforces strength and helps prevent tooth decay. Carrots are also high in fiber and help with saliva production, both of which contribute to a healthier mouth.

In one of the biggest studies to date, consuming citrus fruits more than twice a day, however, was associated with dental erosion 37 times higher compared to those who consumed citrus fruits less often. Consuming apple cider vinegar or sports drinks once a week or more and soft drinks daily will also increase your risk of erosion. The odds of erosion for these habits were ten, four, and four times greater, respectively, than in those who did not engage in that habit.

In order to enjoy the benefits of healthy foods like citrus while at the same time minimizing the risks of dental erosion, the most important thing to remember is not to brush right after we eat sour fruit. We should always wait at least 30 minutes. Acid softens our enamel and if we brush right after consuming these acidic foods we can actually inadvertently damage our teeth in the process.

Self Care = Self Happiness

I woke up today with one of the biggest realizations I’ve had in a long time. It was something deep down I already knew, but seemed to ignore and never put much thought into.

“Self care is a reflection of self happiness”.

We live on a planet that houses over seven billion people, surely there were multiple reasons at least one person could make you happy right? Surely all the money in the world could do the trick right? Maybe that last chocolate glazed donut could? But then I realized it was a domino effect. Happiness itself could never be pure and really grow unless it started with the right foundation. That foundation started with ME.

In a world that’s become so fast paced that you feel you’ll miss if you blink, we seemingly forget to take the time to even breathe. The newest piece of technology, the newest social media platform, new food, new shoes, new shows, and the list is endless. Yet as much as we drown in the now and new, how effective is it all in making us happy? It’s all short term, maybe. But, when was the last time we invested in something that was for long term happiness? Through all the stages of progression, there is one thing that is constant, you. Do you wake up with a smile? Do you think about how great the day is going to be before it even begins? Do you look in the mirror and see what you want to see? Do you hop off the treadmill of life and stop to take the time and realize its okay to take a breather?

It is so easy to forget the small things that matter the most and in the long run. For example, how important is brushing for at least 2 minutes twice a day? A day that is equates to 1,440 minutes, surely a mere 4 minutes can be spared! With something that takes so little time, we sometimes forget to prioritize and yet, we drive 15 km over the speed limit to save an extra 2 minutes just to get to work, to that party, or to that meeting. We rush and rush in order to keep up with life’s pace. There’s a saying that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again but expecting different results.” And yet we always leave the same time, knowing we’ll have to rush in order to save those 2 min on the road.

This concept can apply to oral health in two ways; if you constantly neglect your oral health, it’s never going to give you the same results. It will progressively get worse. On the upside, if you consistently take the time to cater to your oral health, the results won’t stay the same; it will constantly get better and stay healthier.

And though it may be easy to just start brushing because you read a blog that emphasizes its importance, smiling into the mirror with those pearly whites because you’ve taken the time to take care of them and that feeling of confidence, is something no words on paper or on the internet can ever express. That self care will reflect in the way you express your happiness.

So, in a world that is forever moving and changing, don’t be afraid to step back, breath, smile a healthy smile and realize that you don’t have to keep up with life. Life is what you make of it and in order to have a happy life, you need to be a happy you first!

A healthy smile is a great attribute to a happy life! At Credit River Dental, we would love to reflect our happiness in making your smile happier! Call us today at 905-278-4297!

Finding the Right Dental Family

As your top choice Mississauga dental office, we know how important it is to not only find a great dentist, but a dental team that makes you feel at home. Dental visits can create a lot of anxiety, fear, and stress amongst some patients, but we at Credit River Dental make sure that you feel comfortable and at ease!

Have you ever walked into your favourite retail store and saw a fabulous jacket on the mannequin that you just had to have? You walk up to it and see if the rack is there, but it’s not. You look around and see if there’s anyone to help. There’s no one in sight. You walk to one of the registers and see a sales associate restocking. You politely ask for some help, only to be turned away with a response of, “sorry, I don’t work in this department!” You decide to search yourself and finally find it. You head back to another register to cash out. The cashier beams a smile and asks if anyone helped you. You tell her no and she simply nods and continues to render the bill. You walk out happy with your new purchase, but a tiny part of you was disappointed in the lack of customer service. How could such a great store have such lousy workers?

In an ever changing economical world, goods and services are bountiful. You walk along a busy city street; there are at least five coffee shops, three dental offices, 2 nail salons and seven different places to eat. Our society has been spoiled with countless ways to indulge, but what separates one from the other? In a world of franchise companies, what keeps “mom and pop” businesses in the race?

Amazing Customer Service Does!

Searching for the best has never been easier with technology literally at our fingertips. We then look at the reviews to relate to firsthand experiences from customers or patients and we realize that they are all based on one thing, customer service. How well do they treat their customers/patients? Were they friendly, passionate and helpful? Character can make or break! It doesn’t matter how great you are at the service you provide, if the way it is served is unpleasant, that speaks more of the work than the work itself!

Dentistry has always been deemed the least favourite visits in the healthcare field. Although this may be the case, making sure that patients are as comfortable and happy with their visits is something a great dental team will always strive for. When looking for the right dental office, you want more than just a great dentist. You want a team that can answer your questions, help accommodate if the case may arise, but most importantly, makes you feel like you are family! Find a team that reflects the work of a great dentist. A great dental family not only helps you with great oral health, but provides comfort and ease in and out of the chair!

At Credit River Dental Centre, we know the importance of a great smile. We understand that dental visits can be a little stressful and nerving, but rest assured that will do our best to help you feel at ease. If you ever have questions or are feeling a little nervous, it would be our pleasure to sit with you to answer and help reassure you! Enjoy a coffee or a snack from our patient snack bar. We offer televisions in the operatory rooms so that you can watch in comfort during your treatment. We are also available after hours for emergencies if you need help. Dr. Lee ensures your greatest smile in the chair, and his dental team makes sure to help continue that smile off the chair! Call us at 905-278-4297 to book your appointment today!

“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile” - Roger Staubach

Want Whiter Teeth Without Bleaching?

Here are 5 makeup tips that can make your teeth look whiter

  1. Lipstick ShadeWith lipsticks, the key is to look for those with bluer undertones as opposed to yellow. Slightly purple tones will help teeth appear somewhat whiter than those that lean yellow or orange. How does it work? If we look at the colour wheel, blue and orange/yellow sit across from each other, so blue tones tend to cancel out orange or yellow tones when placed side by side together, and vice versa. Therefore, lipsticks with a blue base will help cancel out any orange or yellow tones on your teeth.Red lipstick usually lean one of blue, pink, or orange. Blue tones will provide the greatest whitening effect, pink tones will be relatively neutral, and orange tones will provide a slightly yellowing effect. Unfortunately, darker shades in general will make teeth appear slightly yellower.
  2. BronzerAs far as having an influence on the appearance of your teeth, your bronzer can either lead to your ultimate downfall or make you a star. Avoid going too orange but rather use a subtle taupe-toned bronzer in order to lift your teeth an entire shade brighter.
  3. Eye MakeupSimilar to the way your teeth will look whiter if you use a lipstick with cool or blue undertones, wearing cooler eyeshadows will help to deflect any yellow tones. Wear purple, blue and silver eyeshadows through the winter months in orderto brighten your smile, whereas in the spring try green and turquoise lids.
  4. Contour the curves of your mouthYour lips can appear fuller by accentuating the shape of your mouth and, combine that with a berry-toned lipstick in order to kick up the shine in your teeth. Trace around the edge of your lip line with a highlighting pencil while putting some extra emphasis on the curve of your cupid’s bow.
  5. Lip GlossSimilar in the way cooler hues in lipsticks can help to enhance the appearance of your pearly whites, the flecks of shimmer or glitter in your lip gloss follow a similar colour rule. Toss away any glosses that contain gold or bronze-toned glitter, and choose one with a silver shimmer instead in order to offer a sparkly smile.And of course if you would like to whiten your teeth the more traditional way then please do not hesitate to contact us at the Credit River Dental Centre in beautiful Port Credit, Mississauga.

Conquering Canker Sores

If you’ve ever had a canker sore, you would understand how irritating these little spots in your mouth can get. Here at Credit River Dental Centre, we often have patients ask us what they can do to prevent and treat their canker sores. As your Mississauga family dentist, we’ve put together some basic information and tips in order to help you overcome the discomfort that canker sores cause.

What exactly are canker sores?

Canker sores are small ulcers that develop inside the tissues of your mouth. Canker sores are typically white or gray and oval-shaped ulcers, with a red-edged border. They are commonly located on the soft tissues and at the base of the gums. Although canker sores are benign and are not contagious, they can be quite painful and awfully annoying. These ulcers can be quite sensitive and can make it difficult to do daily tasks such as eating, drinking and talking.

What causes canker sores?

  1. Injury/Stress
    • One of the most common causes of canker sores is injury. Brushing too hard, biting your gums, harsh mouthwashes or eating something hard are some things that may cause these tiny ulcerations to appear. Certain people are also more sensitive with toothpastes that contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which can also lead to the development of these sores.
  2. Acidic Foods
    • Highly acidic foods, such as fruit, can irritate the tissues or worsen the condition of canker sores.
  3. Vitamin Deficiency
    • Children are more susceptible to getting canker sores because their bodies are consistently growing and demand for more vitamins. Doctors suspect that a vitamin B-12 deficiency can contribute to the cause of canker sores.
  4. Weak Immune System/Chronic Illness
    • Individuals with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to getting canker sores. A weaker immune system cannot repair ulcers as quickly as a healthy immune system. Individuals with Celiac disease or Crohn’s disease are also more prone to getting canker sores.

How to get rid of them

Thankfully, canker sores do go away on their own within one or two weeks. The best thing you can do is to keep your mouth healthy. This means keeping up with your oral care regime, including brushing twice and flossing daily. It may be tempting to avoid brushing in the area due to discomfort, however it is important to remove the plaque, bacteria, and food debris in order to aid healing. You should also avoid eating highly acidic and/or spicy foods, as they can cause irritate the tissues.

Over the counter mouthwashes and ointments are also available in order to soothe the area. Gingigel by Oral Science is a product that we highly recommend for those with canker sores or gum inflammation. It relieves pain and contains hyaluronic acid – a natural substance found in the connective tissues of the body. Hyaluronic acid helps to stimulate the production of new healthy tissue and promote tissue regeneration, allowing the sore to heal at a faster rate.

If you are noticing large sores, have sores that do not go away after three weeks, or are experiencing severe pain associated with your mouth, we encourage you to visit us at Credit River Dental Centre to have us examine the lesion to ensure that it is indeed a canker sore.

New Year, New Oral Health Goals

The New Year is a great time for people to take charge and think about creating goals on how to improve their overall health. We all strive to see a better version of ourselves as each year begins - whether it be through making healthier diet choices, getting more exercise, or by practicing overall healthier habits. As we are a few weeks into the New Year, we may want to also consider creating oral health goals as a part of contributing to our overall health as well. As your Mississauga Dentist, we have formulated five goals to help you to achieve a healthier smile for this New Year!

  1. Develop the habit of flossing
    We understand that flossing can seem tedious and a bit time consuming, however it plays an essential role in keeping our gums healthy. Did you know that you miss 35% of tooth surfaces in your mouth when you don’t floss? Unfortunately, tooth brushing alone cannot get into those hard to reach surfaces, which is why brushing and flossing come hand in hand. Having bacteria and food debris left over can cause build up in between your teeth and can lead to further negative effects on your mouth such as getting cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease.
  2. Invest on your toothbrush
    It is very easy to lose track of how long we’ve had our toothbrush or toothbrush heads on for. Overtime, the bristles of our toothbrush wear down, causing them to be less effective and actually can cause more damage to our teeth and gums. It is important that we replace our toothbrush or toothbrush heads every three months.
    Another thing to also consider is investing on an electric toothbrush, which is the most effective tool for plaque removal. Electric toothbrushes have multiple benefits in comparison to manual toothbrushes. For more information on the benefits of electric toothbrushes, you can check out of one of our previous blog posts, “Give the Gift of Oral Health
  3. Visit you dentist regularly
    At Credit River Dental Centre, our main goal is to guide and help you in achieving your optimal oral health. More frequent dental appointments allow the dentist and hygienist to monitor the health of your mouth to help keep you on track. Regular dental hygiene visits are highly recommended in order to help you prevent gum disease and reduce the risk for tooth decay.
  4. Quit smoking
    This is a great goal that will not only impact your oral health, but will also help to improve your overall health. Smoking affects your dental health in many ways; it can put you at a greater risk for developing gum disease, tooth decay and oral cancer. Smoking can also cause our teeth to develop more tartar buildup, discoloration and staining. Fortunately, there are many aids that are out there in order to help you to break this habit such as the patch, medication, online resources and support groups.
  5. Eating healthier
    Eating well is on most people’s New Years Resolutions list, however may not be on there specifically just to improve their oral health. Fruits and vegetables are actually great for your teeth. Crisp and crunchy fruits in vegetables help to naturally remove the plaque off your teeth. Other fruits such as oranges and bananas contain supportive vitamins and antioxidants to help prevent gum disease. It is also important for us to try and avoid foods that are high in sugar or are acidic since they can cause damage to our teeth and can result in cavities. This does not mean eating sweets should be completely avoided, however we must always make sure we are eating them in moderation and making sure that we are rinsing our mouths with water after and brushing every night to ensure the sugars don’t stay on our teeth.
    Improving your oral health and overall health go hand in hand. We, at Credit River Dental Centre, wish that you all have an amazing New Year and hope that these goals can help give you some inspiration and motivation for the New Year.

Finding Your Motivation

As your Mississauga dental team, we strive to provide the right care and motivation so that you are always in a state of optimal oral health. Top notch oral health is a team effort. We stand alongside each other to support and motivate the right type of care in office and at home, but motivation starts with you!

Humans by nature are social beings. In a world filled with social media, smart phones, the internet, television and the radio, it is hard not to find a way to communicate even with a stranger 1000 miles away. Everything is a tap of a screen away, and it’s only continuing to evolve in our technological world.

But with such an upkeep of sociality, how we do identify our own contentment? When Abraham Maslow created the Theory of Human Motivation in 1943, he stated there were five levels of motivation or needs that humans attempt to satisfy. These needs in order are Survival, Safety, Social, Esteem, and Fulfilment.

So how we do satisfy these needs? Survival is our most basic and most important need. This is a need all species strive for. We are in a constant state of survival whether it’s day to day living, or surviving an accident, or even raising three small children on your own on minimum wage. From the moment of conception, we are constantly in this state.

Safety is something we are taught at a very young age and progressively try to master and apply to everything we do. We were told to always look both ways before crossing, or having your seatbelt on when you’re driving.

The three next levels in the Theory of Human Motivation are interesting in that they seem to intertwine the most. Social, Esteem, and Fulfilment- how can being social affect your esteem and in turn, how does it affect your fulfilment? Does this mean in order to have great esteem and feel fulfilled; you have to be a social bird?

In order to understand this, we need to understand that not everyone is the same. One person’s social standpoint can be the complete opposite of someone else. Environment can also greatly influence this. Whether it’s because you grew up in a small town or even recess in the playground of a schoolyard can affect your social needs.

Being social has different definitions amongst different people. Just because one does not open to everyone doesn’t mean they are any less than anyone else. Today’s society has almost dictated that everyone has to share every living moment and that each of those moments have to be extraordinary in order to achieve a mass liking. Social media outlets have become stomping grounds for what is perceived as beauty, therefore increasing the strain on both men and women of what you should and should not look like. This has also broadened the spectrum of online bullying. News outlets reporting children as young as nine years old committing suicide because of bullying is the extent of how social skills can greatly affect not only yourself but others. As great as we’ve come along technologically, it comes with backlash that we as a society still need to work on.

What we can assume is that everyone wants good self esteem. Whether it’s being rewarded for an outstanding job or even accomplishing a goal you had for yourself. Positive feedback, self realization, love, success, these all affect your esteem. That feeling of content and confidence is a need most people strive for. Who wants to feel down about themselves and dwell in negativity?

We then get to the fifth motivation as per Maslow, fulfilment. As humans, we strive to achieve fulfilment in almost all aspects of our lives. Some may find fulfilment in buying a car, a house, or having a child. Some may perceive fulfilment as having a substantial retirement fund. It is achieving what we set out to obtain and it can be something physical or emotional.

So how can we use Abraham Maslow’s Theory of Human Motivation? In short, there is no one way to do so. Yes, we are all just trying to survive and do so safely. But, embrace your social needs in the way only you can achieve and by no one else’s standards but your own. Feed your esteem with positivity that shines from what you do and bring to this world. Fulfill your dreams and aspirations based on no one’s expectations but yours. Embrace your individuality in a world dominated by social dictations. Find motivation in yourself!

These motivational drives can not only help your wellbeing, but that includes dental health. Dental health can be applied to all five motivations. We need healthy gums and teeth to eat, hence survival. Making sure oral health is optimal provides safety as it is a part of your overall health. We socialize with our mouths; it is the main focal point of conversation. A healthy, beautiful smile also ties into self esteem. Imagine how amazing you feel smiling knowing you look amazing inside and out! And lastly, fulfillment; knowing you are taking the responsibility of great oral health means you are taking care of yourself and leading a healthy lifestyle. Now that’s fulfilling!

My Journey to Choosing the Right Dentist

If you ask anyone what the main reason is as to why they don’t like going to the dentist, what's the typical response? "I had a horrible experience the last time I went!" I can honestly say I am one of those people. After a traumatizing visit, I swore off dentists for good. That is, until I started working for my dentist. I was numbed with just a pinch so minute that I didn't even realize. I was frozen and felt absolutely nothing; a feeling that was unfamiliar to me. It opened my eyes to the importance of choosing the right dentist. My journey has only just begun, but I'd like to share the progress with you so that you too can feel confident in finding the right dentist.

Four years ago, I stepped into my old dentist's office for a root canal appointment that had been recommended prior. Unbeknownst to myself, it would be the last time I would step foot into a dental office. I was never a fan of the dentist to begin with and never gave picking a dentist a second thought. I always chose convenience over quality. Something I truly regret. As I anxiously sat in the chair, I was told I'd have the area numbed and that I wouldn't feel a thing. The following hour brought nothing but pain and tears. I felt every tug, pull and drill. I left the office crying, but the aftermath of the experience was even worse. Talk about the icing on the cake! I was left with a tooth that ended up cracked in half, which later on resulted in half of the cracked tooth still inside my gums. We are always told the importance of regular dental visits, but after that fateful day, I never went back. You could only imagine the damage done in my mouth. I brush everyday and flossed, but without proper dental care, there's only so much a toothbrush could do.

Fast forward to just a week ago, I stepped into a dentist chair for the first time in four years. I started working for my dentist a mere 2 weeks ago, so the irony of my fear was surprising. I was reassured with such support from my fellow colleagues including my dentist and faced my fears. I had my first comprehensive oral exam, an exam that most dentists’ don’t bother doing. This included teeth and gum exams, a head and neck evaluation, blood pressure check, oral cancer screening, x-rays, and a bite evaluation. Some of these tests I didn’t expect a regular dentist to do. I was informed of the damages in my mouth due to lack of oral care caused by my misfortune. I was saddened, but surprisingly relieved. I was not judged and was thoroughly informed of my oral status. I found out such vital information that was never told to me at any of my previous dental appointments. I was utterly shocked. How could I have not been informed of such problems?  These were problems that should have been addressed years ago. This could have all been avoided if I was informed properly to begin with.

So as I shared my dental horrors with you, I express the extreme importance of choosing the right dentist. It's easy to overlook the importance of oral care. Most people assume that a dentist is a dentist, they all do the same work, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

Dentists are like artists, no two pieces of work are alike.

Your mouth is one of the most important parts of your entire body. We use our mouth to eat and communicate.

Doing your research, when finding a quality dentist, is crucial.

It ensures that when you sit in that chair, that you are taken care of and properly informed so that maintenance off the chair is continued. Check their credentials, read reviews and testimonials. Reading firsthand experiences allows for personal connections and learning what you may or may not like about a dentist from someone who shares the same views. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You can always tell a lot from a person’s response if its meaningful and genuine or if their simply reading by the book. A dentist that takes time to explain and guide you through treatment says a lot over someone who simply wants patients in and out, one after the other. Time may be money and both are important, but always remember that quality always outweighs quantity, even when that quantity is to make scheduling efficient. Isn't it easier to have the proper care done the first time than to visit multiple times trying to squeeze an appointment here or there?

Ensuring you choose a quality dentist means you're guaranteed quality oral care! You wouldn't buy a pair of pants without making sure it fit well and made you feel confident. Your smile and oral health radiates with your level of confidence. Be confident in choosing the right dentist so you can be confident in your smile! Take it from someone who has firsthand experience!

8 tips to Smart Grocery Shopping while on a Budget

Smart Grocery Shopping

Overall health is what we strive for and what we try to help our patients achieve. As your Mississauga Dentist we are always trying to find ways to encourage overall health so naturally, healthy eating is important to us. What we eat can affect our health, energy levels (although Sleep Apnea can affect this as well) and the way we feel about ourselves. Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Food helps us celebrate with family and friends while nourishing our bodies. It gives us energy to get through each day. The right balance of food and activity helps to prevent disease and maintain a healthy body weight. In order to maintain a healthy and balanced diet shopping for the rights foods and planning on what to buy is important. Listed are some useful shopping tips for those who are on a budget but want to still get the most out of their budget.

Smart Shopping Tips with budget

    Schedule shopping only once a week as extra trips may cause you to spend more money and when you shop try to do it when you have lots of time to look at prices, and when you are not hungry or tired. When we’re hungry we sometimes buy unnecessary food.

    Before going to the grocery store, check if you anything on your shopping list is only sale either by using flyers or a phone app such as flipp. Buy the foods on your shopping list first. If you have money left over in your budget, use it to stock up on sale items that you can use later. Always check if items you normally buy are on sale that week.

    Look for No Name and store brands. They cost less than brand names and often contain the same ingredients.

    Buy only what you need and can use up. Food in large packages is sometimes a cheaper buy you will not save money if you end up throwing food away. Buying foods from bulk bin isles or bulk stores allows you to buy as much or as little as you need.

    Look high and low. Grocery stores are designed to sometimes place the most expensive items at eye level to grab your attention, costing you more.

    Check the reduced shelf/counter for some good buys.

    Watch the prices you are charged at register. Sometimes mistakes are made. When this happens and you catch it, some stores will give you the item for free up to a certain amount if it is their error.

    If the store runs out of a food on sale item, they can give you a “rain check” so you can still buy the item at the sale price when the item is stocked again.

***for parents with small children: Try to leave the kids at home. You may buy more extras if you take your children with you. Ask a friend to look after them. You can do the same for your friends when they go shopping.

We hope that these tips will help you maximize your grocery budget while still providing nutritious and healthy meals for you and your family. Your team at Credit River Dental Center cares about your health and will try to always provide you with information that can help you live a more balanced and healthy life!